Automated Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection Solutions

A Trend today to perform a non destructive – non contact Inspection on products while it is on the production line, with very fast image acquisition and analysis to take decisions whether the unit under inspection shall pass or not.

InnoVision System Provides non destructive inspection systems that are based on advanced Machine Vision analysis algorithms for fault detection, dismounting issues, shape errors, printing errors, existence or absence of components, and all of these algorithms are applied on the image in Real Time, resulting in a transparent image acquisition and analysis system that won’t slow down the plant process, customized for the customer’s requirements and standards, and ready for future expansion and software modifications to encounter additional faults.

We didn't forget about the pricing when providing a State-of-the-Art solutions that copes with the most recent technologies trending worldwide in this field. We provide a cost effective solution that allows you to pay for your usage only, preventing you from paying more that you can get. In addition, you won’t lose the ability to upgrade your vision inspection system(s) with minimum hardware change and fast software deployment according to the new inputs.